Do You Want to Experience
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Are You Curious About What Women Experience During Sex?

Would You Like to Get a Taste of the Delicious Femininity?

Ever Wonder What It Is Like to Experience Sex as a Woman?

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Female Sexuality Experiment

I am sharing with you EVERYTHING I know about How To Experience Female Sexuality so you may conduct the experiment yourself…

This special book is a Sex Bible for all cross dressers and all kinds of transgenderists and all men, both straights and homosexuals who are curious about female sexuality…

Female Sexuality Experiment is the ultimate collection of techniques and experiences that you can use to bring yourself into the realm of womanhood

Latest testimonials from a transgenderist living in New York…

I am a cummer! A squirter even, dare I say. I spent the night literally fucking myself with a new 10″ vibrator that I bought. It brought me that place again and yes, the lubrication in my ass is truly cum or something like it. It wasn’t the lube, it came from inside of me. Even better, the fluid out my cockette are the real thing too. I brought myself off at least 5 times tonight and again, each orgasm was stronger and more violent than the last and the streams of cum, without any touching of my clit (penis) with my hand, came roping out of me. This is bad news in an ironic way. I loved cock so much before and now this. Jesus Christ! I can only imagine what the lure of this is gonna do to my psyche. Thank you so-so-so much for your book! God bless you!

— Irene, New York

From: Jamie Young

Dear Friend,

It has been a year since I published my first edition of Female Sexuality Experiment. I have shared with you the journey of my quest in experiencing female sexuality.

Since a year ago, I have conducted my experiment even further and I keep on pushing my limit. Now, I would like to share with you my latest results, including my sexuality shift.

I also would like to share you stores I have never shared with anyone else.

I have done more and further such as dressing myself like a prostitute in public in order to heighten my arousal for improving my experiment result.

The 2nd edition is even more erotically, graphically and explicitly written.

This New book is supercharged with new information and over 300 pages. I have also thrown in two bonus reports on teaching transgender how to lose unwanted muscle mass and where to obtain natural estrogen from just foods.

This is like a documentary of my cross dressing, male-to-female mental transformation, physical transition and female sexuality experiment.

Ever since I started my journey, I have been able to reach experiencing female sexuality when my fantasies, dreams and realities entwined. I hope you will be able to achieve the same.

Let us get started…

I have written this book for those of you who are as fascinated about female sexuality as much as I have always been.

I have many genetic female friends who have accepted me as one of them. Every time we get together over a cup of coffee for some “girl talk” and they often talk about their sexual adventures with men, with their boyfriends and with their husbands.

They describe to me the delicious sensations they experience during sex. Their stories always make my stomach nauseated with envy. They talk about experiencing Clitoral Orgasm, G-spot Orgasm, Vaginal Orgasm and even Cervical Orgasm. I also want to experience those type of feminine orgasms. I want to feel like a complete woman by experience female type of orgasms.

So if you are reading this page…

You also want to experience what women experience during sex…

I remember ever since I was as young as 9 years old, I started looking at photos of beautiful women in magazines and advertisements. Not only I would imagine wearing their beautiful clothes, I fantasized inhabiting their bodies and feeling their emotions.

I was just a child. I did not know sex or anything about sexuality. I just knew I started loving the female bodies ever since I saw naked females on television. I love the female shapes, the female curves, the female contours, the female softness and I just simply love everything that is beautiful and feminine.

I know you do as well…

As I got older and went into pre-teen, I began to become more and more curious about the female bodies. However, not the way you probably think. Not the way a teenage boy wants to have sex with a girl. I was simply fascinated by the secrets and the mysteries of female sexuality.

I consider myself a straight male or maybe just a little bit of bisexual. I mean I never really found men sexually attractive but I can find handsome men… handsome. I am not sure what I am. I guess it is up to a psychologist to determine that for me. The reason is that ever since I learned how to masturbate during my early adolescences, not only I started fantasizing having sex with a girl as a boy I started wondering what it would be like to have sex with a boy as a girl.

My masturbation fantasies often involve myself being a beautiful, feminine, naked girl engaging in intimacy with a masculine naked boy, because I have always been curious about what it is like to be touched, to be penetrated, to orgasm like a girl, and I often imagine what it would be like to be able to climax multiple times during one single love-making session .

However, when it comes to having real sex with a partner, I prefer women for satisfying my sexual desires. I love women very much. I guess I love women so much that I want to be one of them, at least, to experience what they experience temporarily, especially what women feel during sex.

Therefore, every time I watch pornography, I am sure many of you probably do this as well, I always imagine I am the actress being fucked instead of the actor performing the fucking. And I absolutely enjoy listening to the moans, grunts and groans of those female beauties and watching their facial expressions as their lovely faces contorted in spasms of sexual ecstasy.

I also fantasize having sex with a girl as a girl, because I like the idea of female flesh on female flesh, so it is possible that I must have been a lesbian in my previous life. An oversexed one. Again, if you ask me if I were gay, my answer is no because my sexual fantasies never involve me having sex with a boy as a boy.

So what is this site all about?

Today, I am in my early thirties. I just realized that I have devoted the past 20 years of my life searching for and discovering ways for a genetic male like me to shift into the realm of womanhood. If you are reading this, you must also share the strong desire to experience femininity. Now, I believe I have found ways for a man to taste female sexuality. I will share with you everything I know throughout this book.

For the past many years, I have accumulated so much knowledge and experience via countless sessions of experiment, which I like to call the Female Sexuality Experiment, and I will share everything I know with you.

I believe it does not matter whether you are straight, homosexual, bisexual or transgender, you will be able to benefit from what I have put together for you in this book.

I’m not going to give you a long sales pitch, but rather I will let the techniques in the Female Sexuality Experiment eBook speak for themselves.

I encourage you to order today to take advantage of this specially priced offer to get your own copy of Female Sexuality Experiment today.

Some testimonials from genetic men, crossdressers, homosexuals and etc…

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! OMG! I’ve always wanted to experience female sexual climaxes and I thought it’d be impossible for a man to achieve that but you’ve done it and taught me how! Wow!

— Lori, United Kingdom

After reading your book and testing some of your techniques, I am amazed just how similar a male and female bodies are. Now I know if I use my male body in a feminine way, I can totally step into the realm of womanhood like you said. Dang.

— Jolene, Western Australia

I love your writing. I’m a mtf crossdresser who wants to take over a woman’s body and experience sex like a woman. I know it is sci-fi so I give up the idea. But your guide has taught me it is possible to know what women experience during sex and what it feels like to be penetrated.

— Desirée, France

I never realized a man could really experience what it is like to experience female orgasm. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

–Mike, New York

I absolutely love your book “Female Sexuality Experiment” and I’ve used the techniques you specified in the book and gotten a taste of feminine type of sexual pleasure.

— Mia, Ontario

It contains over 300 pages of information.

The following provides you a brief idea of content in the Female Sexuality Experiment eBook…

By following my techniques… you will be able to get a taste of femininity in no time…

  • A Brief History of My Female Sexuality Experiment – I will share with you a brief history of my female sexuality experiment, how I started and all the trials and errors I have put myself through.
  • Cross Dressing – I will share with you about my cross dressing experience and how it plays an important part in my female sexuality experiment.
  • Physiological Aspect of Female Sexuality – By understanding the physiological aspect of female sexuality, you will be able to conduct your female sexuality experiment so much better.
  • Penis is Clitoris – You will learn how similar a penis and a clitoris and how you can stimulate your penis like a woman stimulates her clitoris.
  • Male Chastity – Chastity is important if you want to experience the ultimate female arousal. Learn about my experience.
  • Ways to Heighten Feminine Arousal – There are so many ways to heighten your own feminine arousal. By heightening your arousal, you can improve the results of your female sexuality experiment.
  • Feminine Erotic Dreams – I will share with you my feminine erotic dreams as I further my experiment in female sexuality. In time, you will be able to experience the same.
  • Mental Pleasure – Learn why it is important to develop mental pleasure. You will learn why mental pleasure can be as delicious as physical pleasure.
  • The Feminine Mode – It is important to get into the feminine mode before you begin your female sexuality experiment.
  • The Feminine State of Mind – Developing a feminine state of mind can enhance the result of your female sexuality experiment.
  • Tools – Learn about the toys and tools I use for my female sexuality experiment.
  • Results – I will share with you the result of my sexuality experiments.
  • And More – Over 300 pages of information I will share with you.

Some more testimonials from genetic men, crossdressers, homosexuals and etc…

This is such a sexy book! As soon as I read some of your experience I couldn’t wait to get started. I have never felt so feminine and sexy in my life. I love cross-dressing and enjoy being feminine but I had never experienced this level of femininity until now. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

— Paramjit, India

I’ve been desperate to experience sex as a girl for my whole life and I tried to search for books and information on the subject to no avail. I wish there’s some kind of technology that allows men to change sex temporarily but since there’s none, your book is as close as it gets.

— Charlotte, Germany

I was kinda skeptical about experience female sexual pleasure in a man’s body but after using your techniques and reading your stories, I was utterly impressed. I guess you are right. The trick is not to expect too much at the beginning and just relax and slowly to achieve the desire result.

— Ming, British Columbia

You are a genius and I love love love your book. I can’t wait to try everything you teach. What an idea. Watch the facial expression of real girls in sex and imitate them. Just brilliant. Thank you again.

— Ana, Ireland

I must have read your book 5 times ever since I purchased it! It turns me so much and I also want to experience feminine sex dreams where I am a real woman being ravished! I will let you know the result of my experiment! Appreciate your prompt replies by the way!

— Hernandez, Texas

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